Chair sashes are an easy and affordable way to give your event setup an extra edge.  Available in all sorts of colors and fabrics, sashes brighten and warm the appearance of chairs and can be used with or without chair covers.  However, if you’ve never actually used a chair sash before you can run into one tiny problem: how to tie them. If you’re struggling to get your chair sashes just so, try a few of our tricks we’ve listed below.


YourTableCovers chair sashes do not come pre tied.  No need to worry though! If you can tie your shoes, you can master a chair sash.  One of the most important things when getting started is to make sure that the ends of both sash match up evenly.  Likewise, make sure that the middle of the sash is where you want the final bow to appear.


Then, much like when you tie a shoe or a bow on a package, you’ll create the two loops, pulling one under and through.  Remember to keep your hold on the sash very tight. Due to the material of sashes, they can be rather slippery, making for bows that are easily messy and loose.

If you run into trouble getting the sash to stay tied or to stay in place on your chair, try using fabric pins.  One pin through the middle of the sash can help the bow’s knot stay in place, effectively keeping the sash tied. Poke a pin through the back end of the knot and into the chair to keep the sash from sliding up or down.

Flowers are an easy and elegant way to cover up pins, or even bows that you’re less than proud of.  Just stick them in the bow for a lasting effect and favor for guests to take home!



When you’ve managed to attach the sash to the chair, you may notice that the bow is rather droopy.  Take the outside edges of the chair sashes and make sure the ends are flipped out smoothly as seen in the picture below.

Again, you can use fabric pins if you really want that bow to stand at attention.  Using a bit of hair spray can also give your chair sashes a pep to their step. Just be careful to not spray enough to make it sticky when your guests lean back.

If you’re still have trouble getting a satisfactory bow for your sash, try tying the sashes on an angle, either in a bow or a loose knot.  When the sash is at an angle, people will think every other aspect of the sash also lends a purpose to the aesthetic. Stretch chair sashes still add a pop of color to chairs, but stay in a band so you just slide them over the chair and you’re done.