Chair Sash Uses

If you are new to event planning or wedding styling, chair sashes are those long and colorful strips of fabrics tied to banquet or folding chairs for decoration. Depending on your choice of aesthetics, chair sashes come in various sizes, colors and fabrics. The most common materials are organza, satin. Lately, spandex bands have become a popular alternative, but generally the spandex bands are meant to be used with spandex chair covers. Flocking damask taffeta sashes are a huge favorite in the print department.

Chair Sash Materials

Most popular sashes are made from organza and satin. Organza is a sheer material and looks like a mesh. Satin, also known as poly satin, is a polyester-based material that is shiny and has a silky-smooth feel. Satin is generally more expensive than organza but it is easier to work with. You can tie satin sashes to chairs much easier than organza. Recently, spandex bands have gained popularity, but are usually used with spandex chair covers. Spandex bands are more expensive than satin and organza sashes but they are much easier to care for. There is no need to iron spandex bands because they are wrinkle-free. You can use them right out of the packaging without ironing them. After washing spandex bands, you can easily stuff them in a bin for storage and reuse them without any ironing. Damask taffeta sashes are suggestive of a more formal and exquisite setting. They come with flocking damask prints and the most common color-combinations are the white and black damask tandem. The white background is made from taffeta material and the prints are velvet glued onto the taffeta material.

Chair Sash Sizes

There are two typical widths for chair sashes, 6 inches and 8 inches. The standard length is usually around 108 inches. The width is a personal preference, but 8 inches is the most common. The wider ones stand out more and look better. However, for spandex band, you don’t want to choose a width of more than 6 inches. Most common widths for spandex bands are between 4-6 inches.

Other Uses:

In addition to tying sashes to chairs you can use them for other decoration purposes. For example, they can be tied to or wrapped around pretty much anything for decoration at the venue. Some people also lay different color sashes on top of table runners. For example, you can put an 8 inch wide sash on top of a 14 inch wide runner.

Thank you for reading and we hope this information will make shopping for chair sashes a bit easier for you. We sell sashes to hotels, wedding professionals, event planners and other members of the hospitality industry.